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What Is The Difference In Papers?

See our separate page HERE


Will The Design Be Cropped?

See our separate page HERE


How Long Will My Order Take To Arrive?

See our separate page HERE


Do You Have A Shop I Can Visit?

All our drops are custom printed to order and we hold no physical stock.


What Is Your Return Policy?

Please see our T&Cs and Return Policies here


Do You Deliver Outside Of The UK Mainland?

Yes, please visit our shipping page to see more details


How Do I Store My Backdrops?

It is advisable to keep the packaging your drop is delivered in for safe keeping.


Can I Clean My Drop?

Yes, with care.
Any material that has been printed on should be treated and cleaned with care.
Please order a set of samples so that you can experiment with the 4 different papers.  
Please note that any bright food dye in cake frosting / icing can stain any printed product. You can order a set of samples here

Please also watch our series of videos on THIS PAGE to see the different materials being tested


Can You Print My Own Design?

As long as you either have copyright or a commercial license to print we can print your design.  Please be advised that we cannot guarantee the colours will match your design as each material type affects the colours slightly differently.
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Can I pay by Paypal?

We currently only accept orders via debit or credit card.


Why do you cover faces in your images?

Read about that HERE