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This information should answer any questions you have about our multi design backdrops, but if not, please get in touch


What are the backdrops printed on?
All our multi design drops are printed on Coated Polyester which is similar to a strong canvas fabric.
If you would like to order a pre-printed sample, please order your set HERE


Are they waterproof?
Yes, to a degree. 
You can gently wipe your backdrop with warm soapy water, but we do not advise using any harsh cleaning chemicals or scrubbing too hard. 
Things like butter icing, jam etc  can be gently wiped off.

Do they crease?
If not stored correctly, the backdrops can become creased. 
We recommend you store your backdrops rolled and kept in the cardboard tube it arrives in when not in use.
Lighter creases can be ironed providing you use something like a tea-towel between the fabric and the iron.
We do not recommend folding your backdrop.

Design used is Light Wood 01

How do I use the backdrop?
To use your backdrop for short periods (when using it to take a few product photos for example), your backdrop can be gently taped at the edges to a flat clean surface.

If you want to use your backdrop for a longer time (as a backdrop at a craft fair for instance) we recommend buying a photographic backdrop stand with clamps. 

Design used is Dark Wood 01

These can be bought online for a relatively low price. (click our affiliate links to view some products online)


Portable Backdrop Stand           Backdrop Clamps


Can I have my own design printed?
Yes!  The only stipulation we make is that you must either own copyright to the design or have purchased a commercial print license.  If you would like to discuss having your own design(s) printed, please get in touch

Have your logo or own design printed on a backdrop for craft fairs and shows.
With thanks to Jellycake for the use of her image

Can I order smaller than 4x4ft?
4x4 is the smallest size we are able to offer. The fabric is 4ft wide as standard, which means that any size smaller than this is more labour intensive to produce and therefore is not as cost effective.


Can I order larger than 8x8ft?
We do not offer multi design backdrops any larger than 8x8ft.
You can however purchase a single design as large as 8ft x12ft.  
Larger sizes can be purchased in the ordinary backdrop category HERE


Why can't I buy multi designs on any of your other materials?
We feel that coated polyester is the most durable of our fabrics, something we know crafters will find important when they are using their backdrops regularly.
It is also the least reflective, having an almost entirely matt finish, meaning users don't have to worry about where they position their lights to avoid glare.