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When choosing what size backdrop to order, there are few things a photographer needs to take into consideration :

1) Budget - we would always advise buying the biggest size backdrop your budget will allow
2) What will you be shooting?  The larger the size the more people can fit onto a drop, and reduces the chance of having to clone sides in post editing
3) What lens do you shoot with?  Will you be shooting wide open?  Do you want the background to be slightly out of focus?  How far back will you need to stand to achieve that?
4) Are you using lighting in your studio or natural window light?

Please refer to the images below for general guidance.
Illustrations of people shown in the images are stood right in front of the backdrop - in real life, your subject would ideally be a few feet away from the wall to reduce shadows behind them and to create depth to your image.  Please  take this into account.


If you would like to see each size option in more detail, please click HERE



Floor and Wall Backdrops

All of our wall and floor designs are printed with the wall design accounting for 50% of the size and the floor covering the other 50% of the material.