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If you've  spent any time looking at our website, you may have noticed we cover the faces in some of our in-use images.

Because of the new GDPR regulations coming into force in May (read more HERE) we are expected to have model release forms for all identifiable people in any images on our website.

We would also need to keep that information under lock and key.

Whilst it's standard practise for photographers to obtain a model release for every session, we have taken the decision to not ask busy photographers for copies of those releases.

We're also concerned that if a photographer was ever asked to remove an image from social media and online at a later date, there's every chance they would forget that we were using the image.

Therefore, we've decided to keep things simple and ensure nobody shown on our website can be identified.
If we have used an image where you can see a face, we have a digital copy of that model release in place.